Pastel Fashion Trend 2012: Pistachio, apricot and lavender set the tone this season

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Men's Pastel Fashion by Gaastra


Women's Pastel Fashion by Gaastra






‘Yummmmmmmmmmmmm yummmmm…’, summer kicks off delicately! Not alone on the tongue, but also from head to toe when looking at the current fashion trends 2012. Just as tough as the choice at an ice cream shop, is the one in respect of Pastel Fashion: For the variety of fruity, light and sweet ice-cream colours as pistachio, apricot, lavender, mintgreen or rosé at the current Gaastra clothing trends leave nothing to be desired. Within the Gaastra Women’s Pastel Fashion not only pastel jeans in rosé are in vogue, also pastel blouses in apricot or mintgreen as well as pastel polo shirts in pistachio and much much more pastel clothing!

The delicate ice-cream colours are either worn in an one colour outfit for the all-round soft summer look 2012 or can be combined with basic, more classical colours as white, grey or beige. Fashion-conscious men are in line with the pastel trend as well, with Gaastra ready for dressing up with the current Gaastra Men’s Pastel Fashion: Pastel bermudas shorts in light rose made of robust cotton fabric and equipped with two cargo pockets sideways, checked pastel shirts in lightblue or trendy pastel hoodies in mintgreen. Compose your dolce vita look now easily!

Color Blocking Trend: Put your summer outfit into action with coral red, cobalt blue or bright green!

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Men's Color Blocking Gaastra Trends 2012


Women's Color Blocking Trends 2012






The loud color blocking look still sets the tone also within the latest summer fashion trends 2012: From coral paired with cobalt blue to bright green with purple for color blocking women or azur blue with white to bright yellow with light blue for color blocking men. Almost anything goes! But there a few things to remember, if you don’t want to look like a parrot: Pair not more than two to three color hues together in the same outfit, either vibrant loud colors, more washed-out or more and more popular – combining a basic color as white or grey with one favourite bold color! Put together your summer outfit 2012 comfortably at the Gaastra Online Shop and discover our latest Gaastra Color Blocking Women or Gaastra Color Blocking Men fashion trends. Summer will be colorful with nautical Fashion by Gaastra, that’s for sure!

Yachting Fashion, Gaastra Trend Style 2012: From the Côte d’Azur to Capri, Antigua and Saint Barth

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Gaastra men's fashion 2012, Yachting Trend Styles


Gaastra women's fashion 2012, Yachting Trend Styles






Pure, straightforward and luxurious: White is the classic colour of luxury yachts. A true Gaastra summer fashion must-have 2012! This nautical colour proves to be a perfectly matching one at any time – whether at jetset locations as St. Tropez, Capri, Portofino, St. Barth, Antigua or Newport and Bermuda. The exclusive Gaastra Yachting Fashion Style combines sportiness and smartness all over. One of the Yachting Women’s Styles 2012: The valuable Gaastra Shorts Fender in white of the Portofino Classic collection, casually mixed with the sleeveless, checked Gaastra blouse Vanna in lightblue. Topped off with the trendy women’s ballerinas Shimmer in brown, which are adorned with a fashionable sailing knot at front! Yachting Men Styles 2012 speedup with the sportive, white Gaastra Polo Shirt Kosti of the Antigua collection for example – combined with the smart blue jeans Gaastra Gillo Coloured Denim, an eye-catching, casual luxury men’s clothing style. How does your nautical fashion style look like this season? Discover your Gaastra Yachting Fashion Highlights 2012 at the official Gaastra Shop!

Fashion Blogs set the trend with Gaastra: Our ‘Summer Fashion 2012 Blogger Best of’ at a glance!

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Gaastra Men's Fashion 2012, Heiko Kanzler,

What are the summer fashion highlights 2012? How do the season’s trend colours look? And which accessories are the fashion must haves 2012? At our Gaastra Blog, we keep all friends of nautical fashion steadily updated on the latest Gaastra collections, presenting fashion styling tips, exclusive previews and also photographs of Gaastra shootings. Of course, we are enthusiastic about Gaastra: But what does the wide world of lifestyle and fashion bloggers say about the current Gaastra Fashion Trends?

Get your inspiration from our compiled ‘Blogger Best of’! Get on Marita’s Dolce Vita deck with her Gaastra women’s seasons’ highlights, come to know why Gabriela of ‘Netzgeflüster’ blog is thinking of packing bags or by which women accessorie fashion piratess Vreni is thrilled. Gaastra men as well can take their cue from the blogosphere by following the fresh Men’s Fashion 2012 airstream by Heiko Kanzler, who’s appreciating as a passionate drop-top driver Gaastra’s functional fashion features. Or learn, what the Dutch artist Daan Roukens is thinking about Gaastra and why he’s having a fancy for the Gaastra boat shoes Mast. With pleasure, Gaastra loves to talk with fashion bloggers personally as well: So the Dutch blogger Juan reported on his Gaastra Brand Experience at the Amsterdam flagship store in 2012. Enjoy discovering!                                    


Gaastra Women's Fashion 2012, Netzgefluester Blog, www.netzgeflü


Gaastra Women's Fashion 2012,

Photo shooting Gaastra Fashion Spring/Summer 2012 Making Of: Get a look behind the scenes!

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Kick-off for the most beautiful time of the year: It’s the first day of spring! Get in the right mood by stepping on board of our Gaastra Spring/Summer Fashion 2012 photo shooting. Directed by the renowned photographer Kurt Arrigo, the Gaastra models Sarah Nix, Dorian Isaacson, Phoebe Parsonage, Christian Jorgensen, Genevieve Morton and James Crabtree went on a sunny and refreshing journey on deck of a luxury Highland Breeze Yacht.

Many sporting pictures have been taken: With the ultra-light and breathable Gaastra jackets of the latest Antigua Sportswear Collection upgrading this season with special nautical shades of blue, white and red. Just as romantic mediterranean pictures shining in the trendy Italian Riviera Lifestyle Look 2012 of the Gaastra blouses and shirts from the Portofino Classic and Capri Regatta Collection – Dolce Vita at its best! Furthermore, the brand-new Gaastra Footwear for this season prove anew maximal grip on board – thus even more so on shore. You will find all shooting highlights at the official Gaastra Online Shop in the current Gaastra Spring Summer Magazine 2012. ‘Action!’ for the Gaastra Fashion Trends 2012!

Gaastra Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2012: From the Italian Riviera to the Caribbean Antigua

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Fashion Trends 2012, Gaastra Spring Summer

Fashion Trends 2012, Gaastra Spring Summer Collection

The latest Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2012 freshly arrived! Gaastra’s maritime sailing fashion journey leads from the Italian Riviera to the Caribbean paradises Antigua and Saint Thomas this season. Discover the sporty Dolce Vita Feeling of the newest ‘Italian Rivera’ line in sweet pastel colours as pistachio, vanilla and strawberry combined with nautical stripes or millefleur prints and an exclusive navy colour combined with shades of white within the Capri Regatta line – the whole timeless classic Gaastra Breton Collection shines with Italian Riviera Style, subtle elegance and a rich mix of materials.

The Gaastra Sports Collection set sails this season anew as casual and functional sailing fashion on all longitude and latitude lines: The latest Gaastra Antigua Collection anchors as fashionable sportswear with innovative materials tested in the Gaastra Pro Sailing Clothing Gear and is full of passion. For the traditional nautical colours red, white and blue are dominated this season by an intense red. This year as well, you don’t have to break sweat, for ultra light and breathable Gaastra jackets will keep you dry, comfortable and good-looking. The first fashion trends 2012 from the Gaastra spring summer collection for Gaastra Women, Gaastra Men and Gaastra Kids are now on deck in the official Gaastra Online Shop. Where will your journey lead you?


Gaastra Voiles de Saint Barth Nautical Fashion Collection 2012: Win one of 5 sets composed of St. Barth Polo + Trolley!

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Gaastra Blog Contest, Voiles de Saint Barth Sets 2012

Gaastra Blog Contest: Win one of 5 exclusive Voiles de Saint Barth Sets 2012!

Clear blue waters, pearly white beaches, tropical trade winds and luxury all around: Welcome to the sailing- and holiday para-dise Saint Barth! This year as well, Gaastra is fashionably on course with an exclusive, nautical Les Voiles de St. Barth Sportswear Collection 2012. Discover the Caribbean on your skin in the newest trendy colours and many special maritime Gaastra fashion details to the third edition of Les Voiles de Saint Barth 2012The international and exclusive Caribbean regatta will be held this year from april 2-7, anew with Gaastra as the official partner on deck. Inspired by the magic setting of the French Caribbean island and the special spirit of the regatta, the new Gaastra Voiles de St. Barth Limited Edition stands out due to airy colours, high-quality wearing comfort, functionality and maritime Gaastra badges and embroideries for Women, Men and Juniors as well. Exclusively in our Gaastra Blog, we raffle 5 sets composed of Voiles de St. Barth Polo (Vinzey or Valencia) + Trolley this week. 

And that’s how it works: Just leave a comment in this blog entry and tell us your St. Barth Polo Vinzey (men) favourite colour or St. Barth Polo Valencia (women) favourite colour until the 20th of january by midnight at the latest! The five lucky winners will be contacted via email (your email adress will not be published within the comment). Participation is only possible in countries of the European Union, all decision are final. We are always pleased with your feedback: So feel free to comment about Gaastra and/or our Gaastra Online Shop as well! We will keep our fingers crossed for you – Best of luck! ;-)